Thursday, January 27, 2011

Best Day EVER!!! :)

The last time my kids saw their dad was in October. James was able to come home for Christmas Exodus which was in December and we had him for two long weeks. After that he would have to go back to Oklahoma to finish out his training which ends in March. Ugh so much time away. I flew out to see James in November and my parents kept the kids. It was a blast. We had so much fun! :) Thanks Mom and Dad!

So to say the least my kids missed James so much. They were getting so antsy to see him. Its hard trying to explain to a 4 and 6 year old why its taking so long for them to be able to see their dad when they were use to seeing him everyday. Well on December 18th we surprised our kids with his homecoming. We had originally told them we were going to pick up a friend of mine at the airport but we were actually there to get our Dad! That Saturday was pretty surreal. It had been four months exactly since James had left Arizona...having him finally home was so exciting. I didn't think I would get so emotional seeing him but I bawled like a baby. The most amazing thing I have ever seen though was the welcome James and some other troops got coming through the see James was wearing his Camo and as he as other soldiers were walking out of the terminal everyone was clapping and cheering for them. A few people came up and thanked James for his service. It was pretty neat to see the support people give our troops. They deserve it and so much more!

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