Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My babies aren't babies anymore.

So Friday was Amy and Jareds first day of school. Tennessee does things so strangely out here but their first day was on a Friday and it was only a half day. Anyways here is some info on my Amy.

Amy is now is second grade. During her last month in first grade we were noticing that she was having a hard time reading. She also said that her eyes hurt when she read. We got her glasses and problem fixed! She looks so beautiful in them. She has been my right hand man these last few months. She has helped me with laundry, cleaning the house, playing with Jared, and just being there to help out. I am so proud of her and thankful that Heavenly Father sent her to me. I love this little girl and miss her now that shes gone during the day. She is so smart though and is having a blast in second grade so far. Her teachers name is Ms. Hatcher and she has a few friends from first grade in her new class.

Jared is starting Kindergarten this year. Wow...time flies. I can't believe he's going to be gone during the day. The way they work Kindergarten is really odd here but for the first two weeks he will only go to class twice. They have testing the first two weeks and each child will only attend two days out of those two weeks. Really odd but Jared is super excited to start going full time. He was so excited to get his school supplies and backpack! :) I am super proud of this little boy and can't wait for him to experience big boy school for the first time!

Here are some pics from their first day.

My handsome soldier!

I had to post a picture of my handsome soldier. He is the love of my life and has been my rock during this pregnancy. He has taken such good care of me and I appreciate him so much. He and I have been married for 8 years now and I wouldn't trade these last 8 years for anything in the world. I love you sweetheart.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And they are!!!

Two Girls!!!!!

We are so excited....We have decided to name them Lexie James and Lacie Nichole Craig. We are so thrilled and cannot wait to meet them. They are both about a pound each and boy can I feel them move. They are so active. We feel so blessed to be their parents and hope these next few months go by fast! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Blog

Check out my new blog www.thecraigtwins.blogspot.com

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Seriously?! :)

Ok so from the day I found out we were going to have a baby I joked around with James about the possibility of having twins. Its something that I always thought would be fun! So from that day on I teased him constantly. Well when we finally got to Tennessee it took forever for me to get an appointment to see a Doctor. I am use to having an ultrasound done right away to confirm pregnancy. The Army does things a little differently. Well about two weeks after moving into our apartment I started cramping really bad. I was so sad because I thought this meant I was miscarrying. So James took me to the ER to determine what was going on. When I got there they were concerned about a number of things from threatened miscarriage to an ectopic pregnancy. So the treatment was to determine my HCG levels and do an ultrasound. So they wheeled me into ultrasound and the tech started doing her job. I asked her if she saw a heartbeat and she told me she couldn't tell me because I was an emergency patient and it was hospital policy. I was not happy...here she knew what was going on and i couldn't know. Well after a little bit of her looking at the screen she started in on the small talk....her question that made me kinda think she was being weird was she asked me how many kids I had at home....well...I said...I have two. Well she got this big smile on her face and told me she shouldn't tell me this but I was about to have two more.......tears started streaming down my face and after that she said....and they both have heartbeats. I had so many emotions running through me at once. But the one that remained constant was that I was so lucky and so blessed to have this amazing opportunity. Then came uncontrollable laughter as I thought how I was going to tell my husband who was patiently waiting in my room. Here is a picture of our little miracles.

So as the tech is wheeling me back to my room Im trying to decide how to tell James. I really had no idea what he was going to say. We had decided that this was going to be my last baby. I had wanted four kids but because it had taken so long for us to get pregnant we decided this would be our last. I guess Heavenly Father granted my wish with one pregnancy! haha....anyways I just decided to hand the picture to James and let that tell him. He just looked at it and said "What is this"...I said well those are our babies. I think we both laughed for about twenty mins. At this point I was only 8 weeks along. Now I am 15 weeks and our babies have grown so much. We still don't know the sexes we probably won't find out for another couple of weeks but we are so excited and feel so blessed to bring these little spirits into the world. I fall in love with them more and more every time I see them and as far as we know they are paternal twins not identical. So this is the new and exciting news in the Craig family. :)

Tennessee here we come!

After James graduation we left Oklahoma and went back to Arizona to get all of our stuff out of storage and then head out on our journey to clarksville. We were so excited to see my parents and family again. For the two months we were ten weeks we were in Oklahoma we really missed them. We got to spend about a week with them which wasn't enough time. I enjoyed being back in Arizona. Thats where our little family began. One AMAZING piece of news was found out the night we got to Arizona. James and I left the kids with my parents and headed off to Target to get some things that we needed. While we were at my FAV store I decided to pick up a pregnancy test because I was feeling kind of blah and realized I was late....by a few weeks. Well to my AMAZING surprise and three tests later...

It was POSITIVE!!!! I was so extremely shocked and excited!! Its something that I had wanted for a really long time and I didn't think was going to happen for a while. So after we had found this exciting piece of news out we spent time with family and prepared ourselves for our big move! :)

Our big move came a little sooner then we thought. James orders were written out wrong and if we didn't leave early he would have been considered AWOL...which could have landed him in jail. So with the help of family we packed up our 16ft truck with all our belongings and sadly left Arizona.

Here are some fav pics and memories with my family!

It was the hardest thing I have had to do in a while. I was so happy to be with James again but leaving my family was hard. They were the ones to help pick up the pieces after James had to leave and they were the ones to provide my kids and I with comfort, love, and support during his absence. Plus we were leaving eight years of a life we created together behind. It was not something easy to do. But, we did. We traveled for 29 hours through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and finally Fort Campbell KY.

AIT Graduation!!

Since I am so far behind on my blog I decided to start with James' AIT graduation. I moved the kids and I to Oklahoma right after Christmas so we could see James on the weekends while he finished up AIT. It was so much fun being able to see him more often but it was a long ten weeks waiting for it to end. James graduated March 9, 2011 and he achieved the Distinguished Honor Graduate that he had worked 20 long hard weeks for. This means he graduated at the top of his class and received a metal and a lot of deserved recognition for this title! I was so proud of him. It was a huge accomplishment. The week before his graduation I was busy packing up our little apartment getting us ready to drive back to Arizona after he graduated. Here are some pictures of James' special day!