Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My babies aren't babies anymore.

So Friday was Amy and Jareds first day of school. Tennessee does things so strangely out here but their first day was on a Friday and it was only a half day. Anyways here is some info on my Amy.

Amy is now is second grade. During her last month in first grade we were noticing that she was having a hard time reading. She also said that her eyes hurt when she read. We got her glasses and problem fixed! She looks so beautiful in them. She has been my right hand man these last few months. She has helped me with laundry, cleaning the house, playing with Jared, and just being there to help out. I am so proud of her and thankful that Heavenly Father sent her to me. I love this little girl and miss her now that shes gone during the day. She is so smart though and is having a blast in second grade so far. Her teachers name is Ms. Hatcher and she has a few friends from first grade in her new class.

Jared is starting Kindergarten this year. Wow...time flies. I can't believe he's going to be gone during the day. The way they work Kindergarten is really odd here but for the first two weeks he will only go to class twice. They have testing the first two weeks and each child will only attend two days out of those two weeks. Really odd but Jared is super excited to start going full time. He was so excited to get his school supplies and backpack! :) I am super proud of this little boy and can't wait for him to experience big boy school for the first time!

Here are some pics from their first day.

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  1. Awe they look so darling Heather! I can't believe they're both in school and I can't believe you have been married 8 years! Time flies way too fast!!!