Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tennessee here we come!

After James graduation we left Oklahoma and went back to Arizona to get all of our stuff out of storage and then head out on our journey to clarksville. We were so excited to see my parents and family again. For the two months we were ten weeks we were in Oklahoma we really missed them. We got to spend about a week with them which wasn't enough time. I enjoyed being back in Arizona. Thats where our little family began. One AMAZING piece of news was found out the night we got to Arizona. James and I left the kids with my parents and headed off to Target to get some things that we needed. While we were at my FAV store I decided to pick up a pregnancy test because I was feeling kind of blah and realized I was a few weeks. Well to my AMAZING surprise and three tests later...

It was POSITIVE!!!! I was so extremely shocked and excited!! Its something that I had wanted for a really long time and I didn't think was going to happen for a while. So after we had found this exciting piece of news out we spent time with family and prepared ourselves for our big move! :)

Our big move came a little sooner then we thought. James orders were written out wrong and if we didn't leave early he would have been considered AWOL...which could have landed him in jail. So with the help of family we packed up our 16ft truck with all our belongings and sadly left Arizona.

Here are some fav pics and memories with my family!

It was the hardest thing I have had to do in a while. I was so happy to be with James again but leaving my family was hard. They were the ones to help pick up the pieces after James had to leave and they were the ones to provide my kids and I with comfort, love, and support during his absence. Plus we were leaving eight years of a life we created together behind. It was not something easy to do. But, we did. We traveled for 29 hours through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, and finally Fort Campbell KY.

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